Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Slavery Day 3

I tried escaping. I really. did. Unfortunately, my master caught me and whipped me 40 times. That was a terrible mistake. Now, this makes my second attempt of escaping much more difficult. Though I keep thinking of the wonderful days of freedom I could have. It would be truly wonderful.
Though I heard that some of my friends escaped, but died. Some of them died of starvation. The only thing I can do to help is peek in the shed and see my friend dying. Or look deeply into the forest and seeing slaves getting caught and murdered by someone that is not my master.
Earlier, my master took his dogs out when a few slaves tried escaping, but later, I saw my master and his dogs with evil grins on their faces and death scents everywhere. There were multiple slaves that died. Most were because of being caught. But multiples made it! I can imagine them running in the grassy fields of the North, and me running alongside them. I hope that they can continue their journey safely. And make it. They still have a long journey ahead of them.
I hate life in this rotten place. They HAVE to make slaves do work for them. I wish they'd understand that WE think that if you want your own money, you got to make it yourself! If only they understood.
I really want to escape. Freedom sounds so wonderful. I can't take this rotten place anymore! I HAVE to escape, and I don't care the consequences. I only care about them 60%, but there's no difference. I'm thinking hard about my decision. But I might not make it. I keep fighting back Though I can't keep living like this! I have to escape. My final decision will be hard. Escape, or no? I don't want to stay here forever, but I don't want to die. I'm wondering. Risking my life might be a terrible mistake. Might. I actually might make it. Might. I hate the word "might". It makes life so much harder. Wouldn't life be easier if your only reply could be "yes" or "no"? Definitely in this case. I want a yes or no answer for if I will die. I hope my decision is the best, and I don't die if I do it.


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