Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Slavery Day 1

I've got tons of horrible news. My master's children gave some of his plantations to his kids, and one place is where the overseer whips slaves or murders slaves if they disobey orders. The overseer (what I call, "The Torturer") will try sometimes hit a slave, torture, shoot, then bury him/her in the fields. If slaves try escaping, they are handcuffed, then brought back. Often, they are murdered. When sent to the plantation, you will most likely not make it out alive. It's like a death sentence.
After this happened, I was so scared. I want to get out! I don't want to get murdered, though. It's so hard to choose; escape and get killed, or stay and die. All I want to do is hope for the best. If I'm ever sent there, I'm dead. I want to make it out alive! I feel really scared and I want to run away and make it! I might make it if I stay, but I don't want to!
There are other problems other than those. They aren't THAT bad, though. I live in a really small place. I sleep in there on hay stuffed beds with 11 other people. It is really hard to live there. I feel really bad every day. I am a field slave. I work in the fields and always do all the work. Having only a 15 minute break is hard enough. 
It’s so hard living. I always feel like escaping, but there are others that tried escaping and had to be punished and whipped. I never wanted that to happen to me, so I never tried in my life. I try my hardest, but I always think to myself that this is my life. Life changes, but in my way, I have to make it, and it is the hardest anyone can imagine. Maybe other slaves feel the same way. I might as well stay and live with it. 
But this plantation that’s growing is telling me without words to get out of here before anything worse happens! Living here is really tough, but I have my family and friends and work. I wish I could be free and live a happy life. This life really bothers me. I just want to be dancing freely in the field, but that will never happen. I will never get another life, unless I try. I guess I should choose.


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