Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Slavery Day 2

My master has nearly killed me when I didn’t follow orders! He stabbed me in the stomach, but I’m so glad other slaves helped me in time. I feel nearly worse than before. I really don’t know what to do, but I’d better heal quickly before I’m back to work! I really want to escape, but I don’t want to get stabbed again. I do not want to SEE or HOLD my intestines again! I’m happy that I made it out there alive, but I really want my shirt back! I feel really bad as I heal, and I don’t want my master to do anything worse than what he did, but if I stay it could happen again, and if I escape and don’t make it, they might stab me harder and in more places! I don’t ever want to go to church and get hit with cowhide 20 times and shirt ripped off, beat by the barrel of a gun and shovel, or get a knife stabbed in my head and stomach ever again! I feel like this is the worst day of my life!
The other problems feel better than before, now that my roommates are helping me. I like their healing skills! I’m just going to hope that the master doesn’t force me to do things that are unnecessary. I wish I could do things under my free will. I’m wondering what I’ll do once I heal. I heard that some people escaped and made it. I hope that later on, I don’t see the master bringing in other innocent slaves and whip them. Life’s hard, especially when you get whipped and then your back hurts. It’s not so pleasant. You can get big wounds and I heard that things sometimes lay eggs in the wounds. Gross!


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