Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What I Did in the West

So, I went to the West, and went to some very interesting things. So, I chose to go to the site of the Gold Rush in California, Arches National Park in Moab, Utah, Los Angeles, California, where I also saw the Pacific Ocean, and Glacier National Park in the Northeastern part of Montana.
First, I went to Glacier National Park. It was beautiful! The sleek mountainside, alpine glaciers, the jagged peaks, the teeming wildlife, the lush forests, the waterfalls, and so much more made the view even prettier. While I was there, I looked closely at the Swiftcurrent Lake and Swiftcurrent Creek. The Swiftcurrent Creek goes down, then drops 100 feet into a waterfall! The journey had only started, but it was getting super.
Next, I went to the Gold Rush site. I learned a million things there. Before it happened a man named John Sutter was building a fort, but finds gold! He keeps it a secret with a friend, but word got out, and soon thousands of individuals set off to California. Very few of them made it and found lots of gold, but most of them only found themselves in a tremendous journey. They faced unending days of dark, back-breaking days on sea or by land. It seemed that the Gold Rush made the population rise, and California was a state. The Gold Rush was a good place to go.
Afterwards, I went to Los Angeles. Los Angeles is the second most populous city after New York in the U.S. It is though the 3rd richest and the 5th most powerful and influential city in the world. It is the world center of business, international trade, media, entertainment, culture, fashion, science, technology, and education.
While I was there, I took a glimpse at the Pacific Ocean. It spreads from the Arctic Ocean to the shores of Antarctica. It is the deepest average depth, and it has the deepest trenches.It has terrible weather and small volcanic islands. An interesting fact was that the bulk lies along the warm tropics, and that's what makes the Pacific Ocean warm!
Later on, I went towards Moab, Utah to see Arches National Park. The dazzling colors, sheer cliffs, amazing rock formations, and the steep slickrock slopes made it more dazzling! If you go there, you can see the Delicate Arch, and it was so cool, because I got to touch it! By the Delicate Arch is the Wolfe Ranch, which I didn't get to go to, but I bet it's great.
I wish I got to go to some other places too. I really wanted to go to Black Canyon is Colorado, Death Valley in California, Canyonlands in Utah,  North Cascades in Washington, Crater Lake National Park, and the Great Basin in Nevada. So, that's the end of my 2nd West Journal. Hope you liked it!

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