Friday, April 15, 2011

What I Did in the Midwest

So I had went to my trip already. I first went to Fort Dearborn in Chicago, Illinois I knew lots about it already, but it was interesting. Next, I went to Door County. Door County is where I once went to Washington Island. It is really cool there; I'll never forget what I had learned there. After that, I went towards St. Louis so I could see the Mississippi River. I really didn't know much about the river, but once I was there, I learned that it is the second longest river, aside from the Missouri River. After the Mississippi, I went to Whitewater State Park, in Minnesota. It taught me plenty; there are lots more than just farming! Finally, I went over to my last stop in the Black Hills AKA Badlands. It is said to be the second longest cave, Jewel Cave, inside of the rocky hills. The trip was wonderful so far.
If I could go back to the places I was at, I wouldn't say no! The places were so interesting, I'd go to the places multiple times if I could. I would definitely recommend these places to other people. I know that if I enjoyed it and learn, they'd too. I bet that anybody would go to some places on my list, or on anybody elses'!
There were lots more places on my list that I never got to go to. A few memorials and National and State Parks I would go to would be the Isle Royale in Michigan which seems pretty interesting, the Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial in Indiana that should teach about Abraham Lincoln's first part of life, Old Cowtown in Wichita, Kansas that I don't know about, and the Cuyahoga Valley National Park in Ohio which is questioning me a lot. Those places, I've never heard of before so since they're new to me, they should help me a lot. So that is my 2 journal. I hoped you enjoyed it!

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  1. I loved this! I like how you went on to talk about some places you heard about but didn't quite get to. It gives you something to go back to!

    Keep up the always wonderful work, Farah.

    Mr. F.