Friday, April 8, 2011

Starting the Trip

So I'm starting my trip, and I'm going to the Midwest. In the Midwest, there are some flat land. There's lots of farming there, and so I'm excited about the trip so that I can learn more. I'm looking forward to seeing different parts of the Midwest, and even if I think I already know lots about it, I will probably learn lots more than I thought.

So, when we go on the trip to the rest of the United States, I know I'll be really excited because I really don't know much about the other regions. Though I'll be looking forward to going to the Southwest and West because I don't know much about those. This trip will be so cool, even if we really aren't where we are actually researching. I can't wait for the trip to go on. This will be so exciting, so I can't wait.

If I could choose anywhere to go, that would be Fort Dearborn. I don't know much about Fort Dearborn, so I'll learn so much if I head over there. I'd like to go to Yellowstone and the Badlands again, and I know it would be so exciting! I'd also like to go to a farm because farming is a big part of the Midwest and farming is so important, so being there would be just like going to nearly the whole history and present of the Midwest. So that is my first journal. Hope you liked it!


  1. WOW! This blog is REALLY, REALLY,REALLY good! Farah this is truly amazing! How did you find that many facts?
    Keep up the good work,

  2. OMG! That is so so so so GOOD! actually not good it is AWESOME!!!!!Guess what i would choose Fort Dearborn too!
    Great Job:)

  3. OMG farah that's awesome I would choose fort dearborn to.

    awesome farah,

  4. farah this blog is awesome were did you get all this information!!! you really know a lot WOW!!!!!!!!!!! Caitlyn

  5. Wow. You would like to see a lot! Good Job!


  6. Great job farah that was a great first jornal,